The Honduran newspaper La Prensa “commented” on the White Paper on the Nicaraguan dictatorship, on the coronavirus pandemic, with a cartoon showing Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo along with a large number of human skulls, shouting: Lie!

The caricature of the Honduran newspaper is a sign of the lack of international credibility of Ortega and Murillo, who are considered liars everywhere.

In reality, the lies told in the White Paper on the Covid-19 pandemic in Nicaragua that the dictatorship unveiled on Monday, May 25, are lies. Just the day before, the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference had sent a Message to the nation on the national calamity of the pandemic, in which the bishops denounced precisely “the silence of the State and the disinformation about the progress of the epidemic … the manipulation of the conscience, (the) coercion and (the) political opportunism in the management of the pandemic… ”

The White Paper is an official document that governments publish to explain and justify their policies and actions on certain problems of great interest and great significance. These State documents, due to the objective they pursue and their transcendence, are elaborated with great rigor, they have to be well documented and supported with truthful data and incontrovertible information.

However, authoritarian governments that for that reason are not honest, distort the nature and purposes of the White Paper, use it to justify their erroneous and damaging national and international public policies for their own peoples and other countries, propaganda with them to their favor based on lies and fact manipulation.

In this sense, a White Paper prepared and disseminated in late October 1973 by the Chilean Military Junta, headed by General Augusto Pinochet, was particularly famous in Latin America to justify the bloody coup that just a month before had Assassinated the socialist but constitutional president, Salvador Allende.

The Literal digital media, citizen journalism, reported this Monday that the current regime of Daniel Ortega has published 7 white papers, including this week on the Covid-19, while in all of Nicaragua’s previous history there were only 4, among them one from the government of Doña Violeta Barrios de Chamorro on the Santa Rosa mailbox (terrorist), and the other from the government of Don Enrique Bolaños on national defense.

The previous six white papers of the Ortega regime were to justify with electoral fraud, territorial provocations to Costa Rica, the canal concession, human rights violations before the 2018 massacres, and even the Ortega model of totalitarian education .

Of course, in no case was there any serious person who believed the black lies of Ortega’s white papers.