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White Paper on Communications 2021.

Telecom Networks has published the sixth edition of Communications White Paper. A complete guide with more than 300 companies which helps organizations and individuals in their search for the most suitable provider for their communications and networking needs. A complete set of files containing basic data on the participating companies and the services and solutions they offer.

Likewise, in this document key figures of the industry sign grandstands in which they provide a detailed vision of the state of the art of a decisive sector in a turbulent year that is still marked by the pandemic of Covid-19 and for one crisis budding.

Not in vain, during this period the importance of telecommunications has become evident, because thanks to them it has been possible to make the telecommuting and the long distance education and above all, continue to maintain contact between people, even if it was virtually.

The pandemic has driven digitization, which has come to stay and accelerate a process that was stalled. The digital society has been the absolute protagonist of the 2021 edition, as well as the new networks 5G and the connectivity and, above all, the role of telco as lifeline for the country’s economic recovery.

It incorporates an alphabetical index and a very intuitive navigation guide, with links to the companies that appear in the directory and a much more interactive format.

You can now consult the White Paper on Communications 2021 pichando here.

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