Among the news that confinement has left us is the famous reduction in image quality of some streaming services in Europe and in other countries, given the possibility that the network would not give up. Traffic demand was very high, which worried the European Commission, which asked platforms to reduce their bitrate to reduce saturation.

And they did it, promising in some cases a period of 30 days to return the image quality to normal. However, the thing has taken much longer than expected. In fact, more than three months have passed, so that figure has multiplied by more than three.

Apple TV + is back to normal, and Disney + will return on July 8

Apple Tv

From Genbeta we have been asking during the confinement to the main companies behind the streaming services when their bitrates would return to normal, and although we do not know the position of all the companies, it is possible to confirm the “lack of definition” of the bitrate and resolution of two they.

In Apple TV + we have already been able to verify the information they gave us, and that is that it has returned to normal. For example, the WWDC 2020 keynote, available on the platform, reaches peaks of 14 Mbps and presents 12 Mbps on average in 1080p with HEVC codec, something that for example Netflix only reaches in 4K. In the case of Disney +, The company has confirmed on Twitter that from July 8 it will reset its maximum resolution to 4K, which had capped at 1440p, and its Atmos sound, which had also been removed from the offering.

However, two of the most relevant actors, Amazon and Netflix, still without giving news in Spain. Amazon recovered the 4K quality, with reduced bitrate, yes. The problem is in the 1080p content, which in ‘Picard’ we could see that it was barely over 1 Mbps. Something similar occurs on Netflix, which recently. In 4K HDR the contents are seen with a certain quality at 7.62 Mbps (although the compression artifacts are evident in scenes from series like ‘Stranger Things’, with many dark contents), but in 1080p it can be dramatic, even lowering 1 Mbps in movies.

Hombre de HierroIron Man Iron Man’s case on Netflix is ​​almost as bad as Picard’s on Amazon Prime.

This is the case of ‘Iron Man’ on Netflix, something that we were able to verify this morning. In 1080p, the highest quality available on the platform, it offers 0.93 Mbps, according to the information provided by the application itself on most of the platforms on which it is present.

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Many users are complaining about the circumstance on social networks, and although neither Amazon nor Netflix sell a specific bitrate in their conditions to ask them to return the money, the quality in cases like this of ‘Iron Man’, even if it maintains 1080p, is far from what could be considered real high definition. None of the companies has told us why they continue to apply such a large reduction. Although it is not the objective they are pursuing, the truth is that they are saving a lot of costs thanks to the decrease in traffic.

Share As Netflix and Amazon continue to offer poor image quality, Disney + has already announced its return to normal.