This analysis took into account TV series, and rated the quality of the content according to data from the Internet Movie Database

HBO Max stood out from other streaming platforms because it has more original content than the rest of its rivals

But it is estimated that, for half of consumers in the US, it is much more important to have an extensive bookstore

Over the years, more and more companies have begun to join the Video-On-Demand (VoD) streaming industry. What started as a sector only with Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video, now also includes Apple TV +, HBO Max, Disney + and, soon, several sites of ViacomCBS and Peacock. Of course, the options are always good for the public, but in this sector the question always arises: Which one offers the best content library?

Until now, the answer depended a lot on personal taste. However, according to Adweek, a new study by Reelgood was devoted to analyzing the libraries of the main streaming services, as well as the quality of their content. The firm found that the largest bookstore, at least for consumers in the United States, is Amazon Prime Video. This, because he has more than 2,236 TV series in his bookstore. But it is not the best.

It seems that Netflix is ​​the one that gets the award for the highest quality streaming library, when it comes to TV shows. This is because it has 447 original programs and 526 are licensed by other producers with high ratings. Hulu follows close behind, with 950 overall. Amazon Prime Video is in third place, with 621 titles. Then there is HBO Max, at 237. Last is Disney +, at just 95. Apple doesn’t seem to be on the list.

A decisive victory for Netflix streaming

For several months now, the fight between the VoD platforms has been escalating both in intensity and frequency. During the pandemic, streaming consumption skyrocketed almost worldwide, with some countries leading the charge. Relatively new agents to the industry, including HBO, have made multiple tweaks to their apps to pair with the leaders. And new competitors have not stopped joining the race, such as TV Azteca and Fox.

Related Notes

But we must return to the results of this study. The fact that an external firm has said that Netflix is ​​the one with the most quality TV series is a huge plus for the brand. Especially now that some of its new competitors threaten to take away part of its market. It also represents confirmation that the company has a considerable advantage as the oldest and best-established agent in the streaming industry.

What can be learned from this result? The most important thing is that the bet for the original content was correct. It is true that in all cases the licensed series make up more than half of the quality series on the site. However, Netflix is ​​the one that has invested the most in developing exclusive products and the one with a much more even proportion. Thus, its rivals must invest even more in this segment if they want to reach it.

Not everything has to do with quality

On the other hand, it must be remembered that the victory in streaming is not necessarily awarded to the company with the best content. Amazon, Hulu and HBO have shown that it can be a great advantage to keep up with new consumer needs. In the face of all the controversies over discrimination and racism, it has been seen that social responsibility weighs. And of course, nostalgia is a crucial tool that is capable of moving millions of users.

Several experts have also given their opinions of what platforms must do in order to conquer the market. According to Muvi, streaming has to be very careful with the price, which still significantly influences the purchase decision. According to Okast, he reaffirms that the use of data will allow betting on a personalization strategy. And Documentary Television believes that you just have to make sure that subscribers don’t leave.