Edge talks about the current NXT roster.

The member of the WWE Hall Of Fame, Edge, have recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sportskeeda. During the Interview, Edge He was able to give his opinion on various topics. However, the most prominent was on the current roster of the yellow mark of WWE NXT.

Edge commented that he considers Finn Bálor as, “the boy” of the yellow mark of WWE NXT, after his fight with Johnny Gargano in NXT Takeover: Portland, which Bálor was victorious. Also, he spoke about his close relationship with Tommaso Ciampa.

Next, we leave you his words during the interview:

There are too many talents. You can seriously aim randomly at anyone on the roster and they have guaranteed talent. Tommaso Ciampa and I have a very close relationship. We are both “broken neck boys” and he is putting all his love and determination on the table because he cares a lot about what he does and also tries to give new ideas.

For me, “the boy” who is ideal and who completely fits into what is supposed to be done is Finn Bálor. It is exciting to see it right now. For me, he and Gargano They’ve brought the scene to what an NXT match really should be.

On the other hand, The Rated R Superstar also emphasized the champion of WWE NXT, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, and a superstar who would love to see faces in the ring with her, Keith Lee.

The words of Edge were as follows:

You have workers like Adam Cole, who has been week after week, night after night, to become the superstar with whom you have to take your hat off in front of her. Keith Lee is awesome. I would love to get in the ring with him and show him who he is and what he can do.

Velveteen Dream for me, has a completely natural character. He has found his character and is very exciting to watch. Not just because of the moves, like 84 superkicks. He knows how to master his character and it is so much fun to see how he handles it. The future of NXT is very good.

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