Which group is receiving the third stimulus check the fastest and why?

About 95% of Social Security beneficiaries received payment through a digital deposit.

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The IRS has been working to distribute direct payments from the $ 1,400 stimulus check since the American Rescue Plan was signed last month, with about $ 400,000 million shipped. The group that set up direct deposit with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as an option when filing their taxes has been the first to receive their payments and there is a reason.

Even though the IRS has sent millions of stimulus checks, some people may still be waiting to receive their payments.

Which group has already received the third stimulus check?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on April 14 that it had sent 159 million beneficiary stimulus checks who have been eligible.

As the agency reduces its check distribution effort, the fifth batch of recipients would include almost 850,000 payments for “eligible persons for whom the IRS had no prior information to issue an Economic Impact Payment but recently filed a tax return, “as well as those who receive their payments through the Department of Veterans Affairs and some Social Security recipients.

These payments, in addition to the four batches sent in March and early April, totaling more than $ 376 billion of direct cash assistance to millions of families and individuals.

Why do some receive their checks faster than others?

The group of people who made direct deposit with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) an option when filing their taxes have typically been the first to receive their payments. Electronic payments used for bank transfers of this type are much faster than other distribution methods.

Before the American Rescue Plan was approved, the agency asked those eligible to receive stimulus checks to establish direct deposit with the IRS if they wanted to receive their checks more quickly.

The evidence is clear and citizens heard the message as “95% of Social Security recipients received their payment electronically, compared to 70% when the first stimulus checks were sent during the spring of last year. .

If you haven’t received your third payment yet, the IRS could be missing the information necessary to process them because, depending on their schedule, most of them should have been shipped before April 15. If you’re still waiting, you should be able to check the status of your payment with the IRS “Get my Payment” tool.

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What to do if I have not received my first or second payment?

Many people who were entitled to a deposit never received theirs. If this situation occurs in your case, there is a section to inform the IRS of your situation when filing your taxes. The faster you file your tax return, the payment of your stimulus check should come to you like any tax refund you are owed.

If you have received a check and the amount is less than what you expected, you can resolve this situation by filing your taxes for this year.

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