There are only a few hours left to see a new video where the beloved, adored, benevolent and lover of video games and his story Sakurai-san shows us what the ARMS character will be who will release the second Fighter Pass of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stakes are even, everyone wants their favorite extendable arm wrestler to be chosen to spank Ryu, Mario and PAC-MAN but do they all have the same chances?

Which ARMS character will fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Let’s start with the most obvious: what will we see for sure in the character presentation video? To start you have to be prepared for fantasy. We are going to see a Sakurai who has recorded the video by himself from home and I would bet something that he is sure to teach, even if it is in the background, much of his personal collection. On previous occasions we have already seen how Sakurai likes to explain absolutely all the details of the new fighters and if for that he has to give a class to count in binary do not hesitate for a second that he will do it again. Therefore it is evident that we will have our ration of ARMS history and explanation of all the movements of the character.

With all the fighters comes a new scenario and here you can not bet on any one in particular. The Muelle Stadium or the Aerial Coliseum are quite emblematic arenas, but it is also true that they are quite bland, without anything special. So perhaps it is easier for us to see some scenarios such as the Discus Player with the changing terrain or the Viper Circuit with those giant sliders that allow you to move quickly and jump higher. Maybe we even have some new stage mechanics like the wall bouncing of the King of Fighters stage. What if it is almost certain that the stage will be accompanied by at least a dozen songs between new versions and the new ones that are recorded for this occasion. If you had the main theme of ARMS in your head for a week, wait to listen to the new remix.

But the highlight is undoubtedly the character. During the final months of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release version development, Sakurai commented that the team was unable to introduce game characters that were in development while doing the crossover due to time constraints. That was the reason why the representation of ARMS was limited to having Spring man as an assistant, but with this second Fighter Pass that impediment does not exist. The logical thing, and being honest, most likely, is that Spring Man himself will make the jump from assistant to fighter, as Canela did in the previous installment, count on Springtron as one of his alternative appearances and the rest of the colors refer to the other characters. But of course, this would mean either losing an assistant within the same installment or the need to change the assistant for Spring Man. Changing the assistant for Springtron would be confusing, since the appearance and attacks of both characters is almost identical. Exchanging it for Ribbon Girl could cause confusion with a Mii Fighter who was wearing the Bow Girl costume, although there are already a few Mii suits that can cause confusion with some fighters. In short, despite being the obvious and safe bet, Spring Man jumping into the ring means that there must be a series of changes that have never been seen in the franchise within the same installment.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that exactly one year ago the Festiluchas tournament held for months at ARMS was concluded to declare who was the most popular fighter according to the players and won the Queen of the Fried Noodle. The popularity of Min Min It is more than evident since he appeared as one of the most beloved characters in the game, but also by those fans who watch punching fights from the public without playing them directly. Although, in honor of the truth, it must also be said that for the same reason Ninjara would have enough ballots to be the finalist of said competition. And it would not be the first time that Nintendo uses one of these popularity polls to decide the future of its characters, as happened with the last Splatfest of the Wii U Splatoon. Personally I think that if the thing is between these two the balance should lean towards Min Min because we need more female characters fighting in Smash Bros ..

Regarding the possibilities of the rest of the fighters I see it somewhat more complicated. It is true that large characters such as Master Mummy, Mechanica or Max Brass can contribute that extra Grapple-style character that is only faithfully represented by Incineroar and that more unique characters such as Helix, Kid Cobra or Bark & ​​Byte can give quite peculiar gameplay, but personally I don’t see them popular enough to be a claim for players who don’t know the franchise. But it is that being Sakurai of whom we speak I do not rule out the possibility that Fist with a punch on the table and decide to stop commenting on the matches to give a few blows.

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In short, that we can only become cabal, because the final result is only known by Sakurai and his team and it is clear that they are experts in surprising us because nobody in their right mind would have bet on any of the rarest and most eccentric characters that make up the rest of campus. And that’s always a nice thing!

Min Min for the Win Win