Although it seems too simple and unimportant, the position of the modem in your house is crucial for improve WiFi signal and improve your Connection wherever you want to place it. Here we explain how and where it should be.

The location of your modem matters a lot in the quality of the Internet that you can have at home and to understand it you just have to remember that the way this works is thanks to electromagnetic waves which, of course, can be altered by many very different factors.

These are the things you must take into consideration for improve WiFi signal anywhere:

Signal Absorption and Blocking:

There are materials that block and absorb the electromagnetic waves that carry the information from your Internet connection and all of them should be as far away as possible from your router.

Among those that absorb the most are concrete or brick … so if you have your modem attached to the wall, consider moving it. Other materials like wood or glass are much less disabling.

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Avoid metal at all costs

Metal is reflective and will therefore affect your signal if it is close to the signal emitter. Any metal stand or surface will be the last place you want to put your modem. The important thing in a connection of this type is that its signal is stable and the metal makes this not the case.

With height

Home modems emit signals in a circular fashion and having them on low surfaces will cause the signals going underneath to be blocked directly if you are not a good distance from the ground.

Think about the same thing to put it in corners, because these will make that even at 90º angles the signal is disabled or diminished by the materials that are around. Considering that its WiFi signal emission is circular, a central area will always be better.

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Avoid interference

Improving WiFi signal is also improving the other signals that exist in our house and that implies making none of them hinder or interfere with the other.

All devices that broadcast information in the 2.4 GHz band (for most modems) or 5 GHz (in connections that support it) will be interfering and will cause problems with the signal. Avoid placing the modem near telephones, radios, microwaves, or Bluetooth devices.

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