Where is the WhatsApp Downloads folder on Android now?

If you can’t find your WhatsApp files in the mobile memory, don’t worry: this way you can access the new multimedia folder of the application.

If you are one of those who still do the WhatsApp backups manually, copying the files from the internal memory of your mobile to the computer; or you have tried to search for a file received by WhatsApp recently, you may have realized that the WhatsApp media files folder is no longer in the same path as before.

Several users have already noticed this change carried out by WhatsApp, which really has a simple explanation. In any case, you should know that your files are safe and you can continue to access them. The only thing that has changed is the folder location.

The WhatsApp Downloads folder has changed its location on Android.

Where to find the WhatsApp download folder on Android 10 and Android 11

Up to now, the WhatsApp downloads folder was in the “root” of the internal storage Of the device. This folder had the name “WhatsApp”, and in it were all the documents sent and received, including images, videos, audios and more.

But the path to that folder has changed with the arrival of the latest versions of Android, starting with Android 10. Now, the WhatsApp downloads folder is in the path Android / Media / com.whatsapp / WhatsApp.

All the content that was in the previous folder remains intact, and the only change has been the path to access it.

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Why the change?

The decision to change the path to the WhatsApp downloads folder comes as a result of a new function introduced in the most recent versions of Android, mainly in Android 11, called Scoped Storage.

This change implies, among other things, that apps will no longer be able to write to the root of device storage Unless it is strictly necessary, and for this they will have to have the permission of Google.

In this way, applications such as WhatsApp will have a space in Android / Media path where they can save their files, where only the application itself can write data.

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