Where are the radars that fined the most in Madrid

The M-30 is the road where the radars that most fine Madrid accumulate. The first has exceeded 6 million euros in one year!

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

June 8, 2021 (1:45 PM CET)

These are the 10 radars that fined the most in Madrid

The high traffic of the capital, the movement of people every morning to work and low speeds (most of the M-30 is limited to 70 km / h) has made this bypass the one that brings together the radars with the highest fines in the capital. Among the top 10, eight are on this road and the first has even exceeded six million euros in collection.

Specifically, we are talking about radar located at kilometer 19 of the M-30, heading south, right at the tunnel entrance located next to the Casa de Campo. This multilane cinemometer was already the one that fined the most in 2019, the year in which it raised more than seven million euros. Affected by confinements, in 2020 this radar collected 61,044 sanctions worth 6,222,900 euros, according to data provided by European Motorist Associates.

The second radar that raised the most money was the one located on the Santa María de la Cabeza bridge, which also surpassed the barrier of 6 million euros and is another of the usual ones among the most fined cinemometers in the capital. With 33,818 complaints, it is below other radars in the capital, but it is undoubtedly the most effective, with sanctions that allow a higher collection, even than the radar section of the A-5, located between kilometers 4 and 5,750 in both directions of travel. In third place, it imposed fines on 40,097 drivers worth 4,645,300 million euros. In it, a greater number of exit tickets have been registered than entry tickets, a sense in which the traffic is usually more dense.

These two speed controls are the only ones that are located outside the limits of the M-30 and are part of the 10 highest fines in the city. Next, we leave you a list with the Cinemometers that more drivers sanctioned in 2020:

M-30 km 19.06: 61,044 complaints (6,222,900 euros). Radar of section A-5: 47,040 complaints (4,645,300 euros). M-30 km 4,150: 40,097 complaints (4,217,600 euros). M-30 km tunnel 10.03: 34,695 complaints (3,594,300 euros). Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza, 115: 33,818 complaints (6,072,600 euros). M-30 km 6.7: 27,177 complaints (2,842,800 euros). M-30 km 16,530: 23,031 complaints (2,353,900 euros). M-30 km 19,800: 22,700 complaints (2,294,000 euros). M-30 km 0.500: 22,044 complaints (2,259,000 euros). M-30 km 14,200: 20,997 complaints (2,130,600 euros).

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