When you believe in yourself, nothing and nobody can stop you. | Pexels

If you could have the life of your dreams, what would it be like? We go from goal to goal and although some we did not meet due to various situations, at the end of the day they are just a decision. When you believe in yourself, nothing and nobody can stop you.

And is that over the years we are encountering endless tests, fears, relationships, experiences, situations, but we always carry in our hearts what is necessary to get out of it and we solve it according to our best effort, but sometimes, fear paralyzes us and prevents us from continuing Has it happened to you?

We are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of not being able to do what we expect, of our forces failing or of realizing that someone else was right: we could not do that.

Fear is our worst enemy and although we do not like it, we must also accept that it is part of us and that many times will really tell us when something is wrong. The detail is in trusting our intuition and recognizing when it is a real fear or a fear without reason. Fear can also make us the bravest beings.

I respect fear, but beyond it is my self love, the value of what I have learned, what I have known, the awareness of things that are not my strength and those that I can do with surprising naturalness, all those experiences that I lived, that no one told me about and allow me to trust my strength and the gifts that God has given me.

Give your voice power and it will resonate louder than fear

When you believe in you nothing and nobody can stop you because your inner voice becomes stronger than fear, because you understand that whoever does not risk does not win and also, you stop fearing failure because you know there are great lessons in itYou also learn that “no” is not as bad as it seems and what counts is living each moment to the fullest.

When you believe in yourself, nothing and nobody can stop you. Pexels

Believe in yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, value yourself and you will be unstoppable. It is not about having the greatest fortune in the world or material things, but about having a full life, with everything you need to be happy and feel grateful with life.

Do not listen to those who make you doubt, nor to those who hurt you, There is so much magic in your heart that when you activate it, it is impossible to stop it.

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