When would ‘The Expendables 4’ start shooting, according to Randy Couture

With the slow revival of the Hollywood industry come shooting plans for numerous productions, among which would be ‘Los mercenarios 4’. This saga, which between 2010 and 2014 released three installments, would return to the fray after conquering viewers who are fans of the action thanks to an impressive cast led by Sylvester Stallone, which has featured highly celebrated actors of the genre such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson or Randy Couture.

And it has been precisely this interpreter, who gives life to Toll Road in the franchise, the one in charge of giving news about this next installment that has been waiting for so long. Couture, in a recent interview with The Jenna Ben Show, which has been echoed by movieweb, wanted to give details about this delivery that has been “in development” for so many years.. Thus, according to this actor, in all this time a previous script has been discarded, and is currently working on a new script that would continue on the table. Yes indeed, things would go from strength to strength this time because there would even be plans for a shoot next fall.

“It seems that we will get to do [‘Los mercenarios 4’]. They’ve been hanging around for a couple of years, but rMy agent recently told me that they are working on the script and that they plan to schedule the start of filming for next fall. So I haven’t seen the script yet. A couple of years ago they had one that was supposed to be the approach, but then [el anterior guión] disappears, you never know, sometimes this industry is so strange … “.

The prequel to ‘Rocky’

Stallone, also star of the ‘Rocky’ saga, would not only have this project in mind, it would also be trying to launch a prequel series about one of its most famous characters. In fact, he is developing a possible plot for this project himself. At least that is what he has assured through his Instagram account, in a publication in which he has claimed to be playing with the idea.

I started this morning writing a Rocky prequel treatment for some streaming platform. Ideally it would be several 10-episode seasons to really get to the hearts of the characters in their younger years.. Here’s a small part of how my creative writing process begins … I hope we get it done. “Would you like to see this proposal from Stallone?