When will we see a new Captain America in the MCU?

Mackie says « The Falcon and The Winter Soldier » is a very long way to find out. Photo: Marvel Studios | Marvel studios

The end of « Avengers: Endgame”Would leave the fans of MCU one of his most emotional moments when Steve Rogers, who is now a 112-year-old man, hands over his hearing to Sam wilson. While this may have been regarded as a symbolic act in which Rogers inherits the position as Captain America, the actor Anthony Mackie ensures that he is not the only candidate to take office.

The series of « The Falcon and The Winter Sondier« , Which is about to premiere in Disney +would present a scenario in which the possibility is balanced between Sam, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and the government-sanctioned agent John walker (Wyatt russell).

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This means that, until the end of the six-episode series, the MCU would reveal the identity of the new Captain America. « At the end of Endgame, sam does not accept the shield. If you remember, tell Steve ‘It doesn’t feel good, because the shield is yours,’ he would comment. Mackie on The Rich Eisen Show.

« This is a long way to find out who will be the Captain America, where the shield will end, if the nickname will return and if someone will be able to wear it again ”. Despite the fact that some advertising products would have been leaked, showing Sam with colors that could be assumed as the new Captain, Mackie maintains that it has not yet been revealed who will be the new bearer of the shield.

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In 2019, statements by Mackie would have been considered as a spoiler when the actor revealed that it was « very emotional » to take the mantle of Captain America in the same way as its counterpart in the comics. “I’ve been in the business for 20 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to do some amazing things and work with amazing people,” he would comment.

“For me, to be a black man in 2019 and have the blessing of Captain America with the history of black men in this country is a monumental step, not only in entertainment but in my life. « The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”Will arrive at Disney + March 19th.