When will the stimulus checks the IRS mailed out on March 24 arrive?

The IRS has been under pressure to expedite the shipment of the third stimulus check And although the agency has issued more than 120 million payments, there are millions still to be processed.

The good news is that those physical checks sent by USPS on March 24, the first big wave of payments in this way, will reach most people on April 7, CNET estimated based on official reports.

The portal also cites that several people have reported that they received the $ 1,400 and whose document was issued on that date, but there are those who will have to be patient.

There are people who even point out that they have not received their money, but a letter from the IRS claims that it has already been sent. Those people are suggested to follow up with the IRS.

“The IRS is sending out a new wave of stimulus checks to eligible individuals over the weekend and into the next week.”adds the report based on information from the federal agency.

Now, although the IRS has already sent most of the payments to the Social Security, SSI, and Veterans Beneficiaries, some of these people may not see your physical card or check envelopes until April 7.

The main problem is for more than eight million people who do not file taxes and must still wait for their funds.

According to the report, the IRS is also doing 2 million “additional” payments via direct deposit and by mail, but there are no details of who those beneficiaries are.

Those who filed their 2020 taxes could receive an update on their help, as the IRS evaluating the reports could conclude that they are owed that money.

The agency will continue to ship weekly physical checks and cards.

Those who have not received it are recommended: