Last week, the increasing spread of coronavirus gave rise to a series of decisions that would shock the world of soccer. The five great leagues of sport king, along with the Champions League Yet the Europa League, their respective confrontations would be postponed in order to safeguard the integrity of the players, coaches, fans and other people involved. However, after deliberation during the week, UEFA already has a date for the Champions League final.


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Ronald Goncalves

Specifically, the European body has designated the culmination of the tournament for the June 27th, In Estambul, Turkey. While, on the other hand, the closure of the Europa League will take place on June 24, the largest competition at the club level will be fully held in Ecuador in 2020, where the best team on the continent will be crowned. At the moment, the squads classified to the quarterfinals are Leipzig, Atalanta, PSG Y Atlético de Madrid, who eliminated the Tottenham, Valencia, Dortmund Y Liverpool, respectively.


Also, it is important to remember that the matches of the second round of the second round are the Manchester City – Real Madrid, which has the citizens above with an aggregate of 2-1; the Juventus – Lyon, where the French are outdone by the minimum; the Barcelona – Napoli, which is tied with a goal for each side; and the Bayern – Chelsea, which has the Bavarians as a comfortable advantage of three goals against zero. Therefore, it is possible to make projections regarding how each of the keys can end but, considering that this is soccer, it is always important to remember that each match has 90 minutes.