Mediaset Spain launched a new strategy a few months ago to make its fictional bets even more profitable. The communication group reached an agreement with Amazon Prime Video for the payment platform to premiere some of its products for the first time. In this way, series such as’ El pueblo ‘,’ La que se avecina ‘,’ Mothers. Love and life ‘,’ Charon ‘and’ Disappeared ‘can be seen on the platform earlier than their broadcast; a preview that allows the company to pocket a previous economic amount to which it is carried by the advertising income of the same in its open broadcast.

Cast of ‘La que se avecina’

This preview has not affected the performance of ‘El pueblo’ at all, that it worked very well in its free broadcast on Telecinco; showing that this strategy did make sense, like the one carried out by Atresplayer Premium with fictions such as ‘La valla’ or ‘El nudo’. Now the same is expected to happen with ‘La que se avecina’, of which the first half of its season 12 is already available on Amazon Prime Video, although the question that arises is to know when Telecinco will premiere these first eight episodes in open air.

As well, Prime Video has an exclusive agreement for these contents from Mediaset for five months, in such a way that Mediaset Spain could in no case launch it before next November. The communication group must comply with this agreement, so that ‘La que se avecina’ will not return at least until the end of this year. That is why Telecinco broadcasts today ‘Mothers’, which premiered last spring on Prime Video and can now have a second life on free-to-air television. In a few months the same will happen with ‘Charon’ and ‘Desaparecidos’, two new Mediaset projects that have already seen the light of day in the paid universe.

And season 13?

When will we see season 13 of ‘La que se avecina’? This is an incognito impossible to solve since before Amazon Prime Video must premiere the final eight episodes of batch 12 and Contubernio record the thirteenth. These will arrive loaded with news and surprises since after not reaching an agreement with the owner of the Kulteperalia set, José Luis Moreno, the Caballero brothers leave the premises and will build new sets in another studio, thus restarting the series with another move . This is one of the open options, another is to even build a real building, as FormulaTV exclusively announced. « We are evaluating all the options and one of them is to build a building. When the series ends, for as long as it lasts, instead of breaking the set, we will sell it, « Alberto Caballero told this portal.