Ricky Rubio has transmitted a message of support to all the staff of the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona, ​​assuring: “When we are in crisis, union is essential”.

The base of the Phoenix Suns has participated in a video conference with Clara Fernández, a nurse at this hospital center who, during the emergency, has been recycled, like the rest, to attend to the huge avalanche of income during the Covid crisis. 19.

The Masnou international wanted to continue in contact and collaborating with the Health Department of the Generalitat, this time
transmitting a message of encouragement to all the staff that makes possible the great response of the health and hospital structures in the current situation.

A young nurse, Clara Fernández, has been, on behalf of the wide and varied healthcare community, the interlocutor of a very interesting conversation in which the basketball world champion and current player of the Phoenix Suns has taken an interest in the typology and intensity of his work.

The vocation of service of clear, former basketball player, has been exposed as her passion for this sport. “Ricky, are you going to go play with the Warriors? & Rdquor ;, he asked suddenly, making the player smile.

“I have read it in the press. I am very comfortable in Phoenix, a great city where it is not cold in Minnesota or Utah, and happy with how I have fit in the team and the balance so far,” said the base of El Masnou.

“They have not told me anything. I have read it in the press and they are rumors. I have a contract with them for the next two seasons and the last word when we speak is that they have me and want to fulfill a contract, just like me,” said Ricky Rubio .

The base, which constantly promotes initiatives aimed at children through ‘The Ricky Rubio Foundation’, praised the work of ClaraFernández, the nurse with whom she spoke, and all the health personnel during the coronavirus crisis.

“When we are in crisis, union is essential. I don’t even want to compare with everything you do, but in basketball, you also notice that when everyone is on their own, the game is difficult to get out,” said Rubio.

The Spanish international, who acknowledged that his days pass “quickly” thanks to training routines, expressed his wish that the NBA does not resume in States United until the health and safety of workers are fully guaranteed.

“It is very complicated, but really that’s the least of it now, because health is the most important thing, and until it is solved you can’t talk. Hopefully we can say dates, but each one has his family and his life, and as a player I prefer that everything is safe before starting, “he concluded.


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