when Trump, Macron and the French soldiers danced to his beat

Daft Punk broke up and we remember an episode in which Presidents Trump and Macron danced to their music.

Daft Punk’s goodbye broke more than one musical heart. The French Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo decided to dissolve the duo, after 28 years together.

With the disappearance of Daft Punk we remember a curious episode in which Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron danced to their rhythm.

This is how the Daft Punk “Revolution” happened

It happened during the Bastille Day Parade in 2017. On the Champs Elysees, after the deployment of the military corps, it was time for the bands.

The ensemble of French soldiers began to play Daft Punk music. Incredible, but true, the notes of Get Lucky and One More Time enlivened the closing of the parade.

Although Trump did not initially identify him, Macron did. Perhaps the French president had already been informed, but the truth is that he enjoyed the touch with a smile.

The president of the United States, after learning about the matter, smiled a little.

In front, the soldiers danced while playing the music of their countrymen with their wind and percussion instruments. But not only they were moving, but also the military in the main gallery.

A moment of joy, all thanks to the ingenuity of the French duo and the initiative of the soldiers of that country.

The end of an era

Daft Punk announced its dissolution this Monday, with a video of just over seven minutes entitled Epilogue. Thus they put an end to a 28-year relationship that marked a whole generation of electronic music fans.

We leave you here the video of Trump and Macron dancing to the rhythm of Daft Punk during Bastille Day 2017.