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A day after the catastrophic results of the PP in Catalonia, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the ousted parliamentary spokeswoman a few months ago, came to the fore issuing the most accurate diagnosis of what happened: « Pablo Casado has disappointed the hopes placed on him. » I agree. Mr. Casado was the only possibility that the PP survived in these times, but he has succumbed to the siren songs of the middle-aged barons who surround him and those who have not been able to get rid of, the ‘Marianists’ , of the Christian Democrats, of the mellifluous centrists, of all those whom his proposed to fight wielding the will to build a winning project.

Casado won in the primaries defending the return of the PP to its origins, which made it great, that is, the absolute majority that Aznar achieved for the first time against the steamroller of the PSOE. The party of courage, ideas, convictions and the ability to challenge, the outright opposition to the social democratic consensus that still unfortunately nests in its formation. That was a discourse opposed to everything that Mariano Rajoy had represented to date: half measures, the director’s apathy, aversion to ideology, the most obscene pragmatism, the so-called management devoid of soul, heart and life.

All these major defects against which Casado rebelled during the Primaries are those that he has successively fallen into until he has turned the current PP into a revived monster, into a political group devoid of content and project, lacking clear values ​​and program, reluctant to any compromising initiative that the left could blame it on, increasingly reactive and subject to the dictates emanating from the current editorial of the newspaper El País, or from the evil comrades of the sectarian private televisions, whose sole purpose is to conform a kneeling right, light, submissive, nothing to do with the thunderous but genuine right of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. They can’t stand this one. He drives them crazy with his character, his beneficial radicalism, his blatant insolence.

Spain, affirm the official organs of ‘sanchismo’, needs a moderate, responsible and inclusive conservative force as an alternative to the Government, that is, a right-wing shit doomed to permanent defeat that agrees to Sánchez to appoint, for example, the magistrates that the Bolshevik Iglesias wishes in the General Council of the Judiciary to have all the powers of the State at the service of totalitarianism. They say that in this way the PP would approach the right that Angela Merkel has represented, but it is again false. Frankly, here the chancellor is not wanted even in painting, because the German was always orthodox, austere, demanding, extremely supportive, all of them virtues as far as possible from the vices that inhabit the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has delivered the most indisputable analysis of the failure of the PP in Catalonia. Having a formidable candidate like Alejandro Fernández, Mr. Casado has insisted on sinking him with untimely, insincere and inconvenient demonstrations such as that the State security forces overran during the illegal referendum three years ago, granting an interview to the enemies of Catalan radio that can never bring you any revenue. But, in reality, all the repeated, consecutive and persistent mistakes of Mr. Casado come from before.

Mrs. Álvarez de Toledo is correct in saying that, on the occasion of the explanation to justify his dismissal as parliamentary spokesman of the PP, Casado pronounced some premonitory words of the current fiasco: “A party cannot pretend that society resembles him for many reasons you have ”. Well no, dear friend. The honored parties with a vocation for government are there to change society. Naturally for the better. So did the great leaders of history like Churchill, like Reagan, like Thatcher, like Gorbachev in the Soviet Union; even like Aznar in Spain.

This is what John Paul II and Pope Benedict tried in the Catholic Church. This is the ambition that must be nested in high spirits to stop the task of demolition inherent to contemporary socialism and communism. Otherwise, you are renouncing, as in fact Mr. Casado has subscribed with his behavior, to the ideological and cultural battle, which is the most important and key issue of our time, and which the Mañueco and Moreno do not give a damn about. López Miras and especially Feijóo.

Casado’s second catastrophic error was his inappropriate and improper behavior during Vox’s motion of censure against Pedro Sánchez. The personal insults to Santiago Abascal, the belligerence and hostility shown against who will be an essential ally if he ever wants to govern Spain were out of place. But since it seems that Casado has neither the intelligence nor the intuition that was presumed to him, during the Catalan campaign he has dedicated himself to wasting his energies again defeating Vox with absolutely false arguments such as that it is a party that does not respect the Constitution and that wants to get out of the European Union.

All these statements are false, they constitute an unprecedented attack on your inescapable bed partner if one day you want to lead the country, break all the bridges with the Vox electorate, which you will need, and, in short, they are the obvious demonstration that this man for whom I have so much personal appreciation has lost his oremus.

To try to fix the crucial mess that it has committed in Catalonia and to see a way to repair the waterways opened by terrible results, which are always ready to take advantage of the opportunist hyenas of the party; to try to satisfy the newspaper El País’ and the sectarian televisions that have warned Mr. Casado that he would do very badly if his reaction to the brutal defeat were to return to the origins, that is, to the right without complexes that he promised us all In the speech with which he won the primaries, the leader of the PP has pulled an ace up his sleeve: leave Genoa 13, sell the headquarters of the corrupt and investigated PP. Turn the page.

What a huge mistake! In addition to the fact that such an initiative is the demonstration of an unforgivable infantilism, those of us who have been voters of the PP think that Genoa 13 is the emblematic headquarters in which all the triumphs of the Spanish right have been cooked and celebrated. Those of us who, as is my case, have already grown up with the use of reason under the yoke of Philip’s socialism and discovered, unusually, that there was a different way of doing politics, of being more economically efficient, of lowering taxes, of reducing spending, making the economy more flexible, entering the monetary union in due time and form, we have in mind the balcony of Genoa 13 as the apotheosis of the defeat of the left. Of the alternative. In another way of doing things. Of a certain filigree.

There all the triumphs that constitute and swell the best in the history of the PP were celebrated: the absolute majorities of Aznar, those of Rajoy, those of Esperanza Aguirre, those of Alberto Ruiz Gallardón. And so on. But who in their right mind can repudiate this building, and therefore this legacy? Just to please the wicked? To satisfy the blood demands of the enemy press and militant television? What need is there to meet the requirements and demands of the cursing and flamboyant left?

After the interview with Cayetana in El Mundo, I speak with a very important friend of the PP to find out his opinion. « It’s mere revenge, » he tells me. But what the lady says is uncertain? I ask her. Mrs. Álvarez de Toledo has always proven to be a free person, she has stated at all times what she thought, with these conditions Casado signed her, she has never been unfair. Is what he says true or not? I insist. « Yes, but it has proven to be vindictive, and these statements are made at the worst time, when it can do the most damage. » In short, I cannot get a clear statement from my good friend about, other than the opportunity, the convenience of making a valid and useful diagnosis of the situation of precariousness and general destitution, of lack of direction in which the PP finds itself .

And I think this happens when an irreproachable diagnosis is unceremoniously dispatched under the pretext of revenge. To repudiate the headquarters of Genoa is to dispense with, and even to abhor, the principles that allowed the right to truly rule Spain for the first time; also, of course, of his successful management, which hatched the plausible alternative to socialism that so many of us wish to put an end to the infernal parenthesis, to this insufferable kidnapping that Sánchez and his henchmen are subjecting us to.

For once, without serving as a precedent, it seems to me that, in this case, Mr. Feijóo, whom I have criticized so much, is right.