Lately, we’ve been talking mostly about Tarantino in the rubric of what he could have done or what he would like to do. From the Predator reboot, to the aborted Star Trek movie project, he seems to have a hand everywhere, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But, we learn thanks to his confidences in an American podcast, that he even had the very serious ambition of directing a Marvel film and that he even knew which actor he wanted for the role.

Tarantino fan of Luke Cage?

Of course, the story is not new. The story takes place in the 90s. At the time, Quentin Tarantino just directed Reservoir Dogs which was a real success. So he thinks about his next subject and it is on the side of Marvel that he leans and more precisely the character of Luke Cage. A subject that he had already discussed at length in 2013, when Netflix launched into the adaptation of the series.

Questioned by Amy Schumer, he returned to the subject, explaining that he even had the actor already in mind to play the role.

My comic book buddies convinced me not to, because at the time I was convinced that Laurence Fishburne was the perfect guy to play Luke Cage. My buddies only saw Wesley Snipes to play the part, but I told them that Larry Fishburne was like Marlon Brando, it was really “the man”. But they insisted so much that I ended up sending it all down, because they ruined everything I had in mind!

A few years earlier, Laurence Fishburne had exploded in the eyes of the general public with the role of Ike Turner, in the film Tina. Then at the turn of the century, he played Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy. Since then, he has appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp of Marvel. Better late than never.

And Quentin Tarantino in all this? It’s Pulp Fiction, Palme d’Or 1994 which will finally have its favors. We know the rest.