Knowing how the parking brake works and how or when to use it can improve the safety of a vehicle

The hand brake of the cars It works independently of the brakes you use in a conventional way to stop the car by pressing the pedal. One of the main characteristics of the handbrake is that it has been designed as a alternative system if the main brakes fail.

The main brakes use a high-tech hydraulic system and are designed to slow the car to a stop, and unlike these, the parking brake is designed to immobilize the car.


. The parking brake must be used every time you park your car, regardless of whether you are on flat ground or on a long incline, whether you use an automatic or manual transmission, or whether the weather conditions are favorable or adverse.

. You must use the parking brake in case of emergency. If you can’t stop your car, slowly raise the parking brake lever or depress the pedal to stop it completely.

Using the parking brake suddenly in an emergency can be fatal, so you must slowly raise the lever to stop your car.


A very common mistake is to put the gear lever in ‘Parking’ before using the parking brake. The right thing to do is stop your car with the pedal brakes, put the parking brake on, and then put the car in ‘Parking’ with the gear stick before turning off the engine.

If you put the car in ‘Parking’ with the gear lever and then release the brake pedal, the transmission will take care of keeping the car in place, however that intensifies the wear and tear on the vehicle. Using the parking brake first is easier with this transmission.

When boarding the car, the first thing you should do is start the engine, then apply the main brake, then release the parking brake and move forward. Remember that driving with the parking brake on can damage your car.

The importance of using the parking brake is to give your car more stability every time you park it, according to the Nationwide portal. For example, if the car collides with you while parked, the handbrake reduces the likelihood of it rolling.

By using the parking brake you also make sure it is working well. If you don’t use this brake it can rust, making it less likely to function properly in an emergency.


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