“When Neymar left we were able to sign Mbappé for 100 million”

Javier Bordas, former manager of Barcelona during the Josep María Bartomeu stage, revealed that they were very close to signing Mbappé the same summer that Neymar left to Paris Saint Germain and they brought Dembélé. He assures that Monaco preferred to sell it to the Barça club rather than to a direct rival like PSG, and that the player was more seduced by this option than that of Real Madrid because he believed that with the BBC he was not going to start.

«We try to bring Mbappé and Dembélé together. Mbappé was excited to come to Barça when Neymar left, because he saw that in Madrid he had no place because of his trident (BBC) and Monaco preferred to sell him to another club that was not a direct rival in France and here he could occupy the place of Ney. I said 100 million because I believed that for that amount I would have come. In that final attempt we made, he ended up at PSG, on the penultimate day, “he commented in an interview in El Partidazo de Cope.

The former Barça manager also spoke about the offer they made to PSG to bring Neymar: «We offered PSG 110 million plus Todibo, Rakitic and the loan of Dembélé. PSG wanted 130 million plus Todibo, Rakitic and the loan of Dembélé. Neymar’s father offered to put those 20 million and I think they could have been lowered by the pressure that Neymar did. At the moment in which the father said that PSG put them on, he was not willing to resign, although he had ended up recovering them. We had a limit that we could not exceed. It was very close.

«Neymar called a friend of mine who lived near where he had his house in Barcelona to ask him if he would rent him a house. Ney looked very close. Griezmann now lives in that house, “adds Javier Bordas, who acknowledged that before signing Ter Stegen they tested Courtois with whom he had reached an agreement, but finally signed the German.

“At first I wanted to sign Courtois, and the leaks to the press looked very bad. And it was on the covers of the Catalans who could come. He wondered who it had been and I said no. I did not understand why they did not want to bring it. And I filtered it because I was desperate, it seemed the best to me. In the end we signed Ter Stegen, who Zubi was right. I spoke with Courtois and he had it closed “, he commented

“Messi will continue if he sees a team with options to win”

Bordas also spoke about the continuity of Leo Messi at Barcelona. The Argentine star ends his contract at the end of this season and has not yet renewed, which worries the Barça fans a lot, especially after the burofax that he sent to the club’s offices last summer asking to leave.

The former manager ensures that the continuity of the 10 will depend on how the team is and the winning options they have. «The continuity of Messi depends on how he sees the team. If you see it with a chance of winning, you will want to stay. He has always been very respectful with all decisions. If he asked for signings? He wanted Neymar ».