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After a news drought that lasted weeks, Sony Interactive Entertainment is ready to share more on PlayStation 5. This will be done through a new event to be held today. Do you want to see it? Here we tell you how, where and when to do it.

The PlayStation 5 event will take place today, Wednesday, September 16, at 3:00 PM Mexico City time. In case you read us from another country, below we leave you the schedule in which it will take place in your territory:

California, United States – 1:00 PM
Lima, Peru – 3:00 PM
Bogota, Colombia – 3:00 PM
Santiago de Chile – 4:00 PM
New York, United States ―4: 00 PM
Caracas, Venezuela – 4:00 PM
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 5:00 PM

How to watch the PlayStation 5 broadcast?

Luckily, watching the PlayStation 5 event will be a breeze. What happens is that it will be broadcast on different Internet platforms through the official PlayStation channels.

Here are the links to see it:

It is important to note that, as there is streaming on YouTube and Twitch, you will have the opportunity to watch it on any device that has these applications available. So, you can watch it from your cell phone, your computer, a Smart TV or even a console.

What to expect from the PlayStation 5 event?

Now, what should you expect from the PlayStation 5 event? As you can imagine, it will be a broadcast where there will be different news about Sony’s next generation console.

So, at the PlayStation 5 event we hope to have news about upcoming releases for this console. Nor can we rule out that it will have information about games already revealed such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the remake of Demon’s Souls.

Now, streaming is likely not just about software. So do not rule out the revelation of important information about the console such as its launch date or starting price. It is also possible that they give us a look at some element of the console, such as its interface.

It is important to note that this broadcast will last approximately 40 minutes.

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