Albania. 3 of June.

The Albanian Super League had reached Matchday 26, two from the conclusion and Tirana was an outstanding leader.

Germany. In Game.

The Bundesliga returned last weekend. With 26 days played, Bayern was the leader with a four point advantage over Dortmund.

Andorra. To be decided.

Pending a definitive solution, with the Inter Club d’Escaldes as leader.

Armenia. may 23.

The Armenian league returns this weekend with Aratat in first position.

Austria. June 2nd.

The Cup final will be played on May 29, then it will be the league’s turn to decide the race for a title led by LASK at the moment. The matches will be behind closed doors.

Azerbaijan. Determined.

Qarabag led the league, although the Cup is also about to end.

Belgium. Suspended.

In the absence of a day of regular phase and at the gates of the playoff for the title, the Belgian league decided to close the match with Bruges as champion.

Belarus. In Game.

The Belarusians did not stop and continue without stopping despite various feints. BATE is a solid leader before the Cup final.

Bosnia. June 7th.

FK Sarajevo goes first. The teams have already started training with a view to resuming the championship.

Bulgaria. June 5 or 12.

The decision to continue is firm, but two dates are still being considered. The Ludogorets went straight to the title, again.

Cyprus. Suspended.

The end of the season has been decreed, giving Omonia Nicosia as champion.

Croatia. June 6th.

The Cup will return earlier, on May 30. The league crossing schedule remains to be defined.

Denmark. May 28.

It was one of the first countries to start de-escalation and it will also start the league. Midtjylland seemed intractable.

Scotland. Suspended.

With Celtic again champion, the Scottish league has been terminated in the absence of several days.

Slovakia. To define.

It is estimated that it could return on June 6, but no decision has been made yet.

Slovenia. 5th June.

The Balkan country has been the first to decree the end of the pandemic and its league has a return date.

Spain. June 12.

After the de-escalation measures, the Government has given its approval for the competition to return the week of June 8.

Estonia. In Game.

The Estonian league returned this week with stadiums without an audience until July.

Finland. 1st of July.

The Finnish league will officially start on July 1. It will be three months late.

France. Cancelled.

With PSG as champion, and not without controversy, the French league abruptly closed.

Welsh. Determined.

There is still no decision made regarding the Welsh league.

Gibraltar. Cancelled.

Although there were still days ahead, the Gibraltar league will not be resumed and it was decided to end the season. Europa FC went first.

Greece. June 6th.

The Helena Super League is resumed by decision agreed by the clubs. Olympiacos was sailing as leader.

Hungary. May 30.

The Hungarian league, the OPT Bank Liga, will return on May 30 on matchday 26, while the cup will do so a week earlier in its semifinals. Ferencvaros was the leader.

England. To define.

The estimated date was June 12, but there are still steps to be taken for a return of a Premier that Liverpool had almost in his pocket.

North Ireland. To define.

There is no decision made either by the Northern Irish.

Faroe Islands. In Game.

Last weekend the second day was already held with the novelty of opening its doors to the public.

Israel. May 30.

The Israeli government gave authorization to resume soccer. Ligat ha’Al is already in the playoffs for the title, with Macabbi Tel Aviv eight points clear of Macabbi Haifa.

Italy. To be decided.

The competition has been suspended until at least June 14. Juventus led Serie A.

Kazakhstan. To be decided.

The league still has a decision to make.

Kosovo. To be decided.

Soccer is one of the many things that are about to be defined in the particular situation that the country is experiencing.

Latvia. To be decided.

It is expected to return in mid-June, but there is no official notification about it.

Lithuania. May 30.

The second day of the competition will then resume.

Luxembourg. Cancelled.

The season was terminated due to the pandemic without declaring himself champion.

Macedonia. To define.

A decision is still pending.

Malt. Cancelled.

It remains to be determined whether La Valletta will be champion or the title will be declared void.

Moldova. To be decided.

There is no firm solution yet.

Montenegro. June 1.

Buducnost is the leader.

Norway. June 16.

Norwegian football has implemented changes for the return. It will be played by geographic proximity groups. After the summer the situation will be analyzed again.

Netherlands. Cancelled.

The Eredivisie prematurely closed without declaring champion, despite the leadership of Ajax. That yes, respected the positions to distribute the European squares.

Poland. May 29.

The Polish league will return at the end of the month. Matchday 27 of the championship will take place with Legia as the outstanding leader.

Portugal. June 4.

The Portuguese are already running engines to decide their tight league. Porto are leading with a point advantage over Benfica.

Czechia. may 23.

In the Czech Republic, the teams overwhelmingly voted to play again and will do so on May 23.

Republic of Ireland. To be decided.

It is not yet known when and if the championship will resume.

Romania. To be decided.

Cluj is the leader of a competition that has come to consider moving to Turkey to finish safely.

Russia. June 21.

The Russian soccer league will resume on June 21, as decided by the Russian Soccer Union, which took into account the government’s recent decision to gradually lift restrictions on the coronavirus. On June 21, the twenty-third day will start with Zenit Saint Petersburg as the outstanding leader.

San Marino. To be decided.

There is no firm measure yet.

Serbia. May 30.

The Red Star led the classification, but now the season will end, although the calendar will be cut.

Sweden. To be confirmed.

The decision to continue is made and the estimate is that they will do so on June 14. The teams are already training.

Switzerland. To be confirmed.

Unofficially, the return date is June 8. All work is underway for that day, although there may still be some delay. St. Gallen went first.

Turkey. June 12.

Despite the positives in teams like Besiktas, the Ottoman country has long since made the decision to return behind closed doors on June 12.

Ukraine. May 30.

The Ukrainian Football League will resume on May 30. after the government decided last week to start the first phase of the de-escalation due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Shakhtar was the leader.