When do I get paid in December

The Ministry of Social Development began this Friday, December 4 with the payment of the salaries corresponding to the Enhance Work plan.

More than 680 thousand people reached, the amount settled in the last month of the year will receive a 10% increase corresponding to the second update of the Minimum Living and Mobile Salary and the additional for an extra bonus.

Anses: What is the Work Enhancement Plan

The Work Enhance Plan, which was generated after the unification of different programs, with the We Make the Future, Community Productive Projects and Complementary Social Salary, seeks to improve employability and the generation of new productive proposals through educational completion.

Empower Work: Is an inscription open?

A new registration is not opened. However, women who are victims of gender violence and recovering addicts who go through the last part of their treatment may join this program.

Empower Work: End of the year bonus

The Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, confirmed in dialogue with Futurock radio that « the almost 700,000 people who are part of the Empower Work and earn half the minimum wage, with four hours of work in return, they are going to collect a bonus at the end of the year in such a difficult context. « 

In this way, the beneficiaries that are part of the Work Enhance Plan at the end of the year, in addition to half of the minimum living and mobile wage (10,293.75 pesos), a year-end bonus of 9,400 pesos, which leaves a total amount in December of 19,693.75 pesos.