It is aboard his yacht that Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys his summer holidays with his family … Something to dream of … And yet, it is not always easy!

It’s time for vacation for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. Of family holidays with their four children. It’s on board his luxurious yacht that the footballer takes advantage of the summer… Nothing better to avoid the tourists. But if the fivefold Ballon d’Or thought he was alone in the world with his wife and children, it’s a failure!

Cristiano Ronaldo… not really alone in the world!

Indeed, dozens of curious – and courageous – children did not hesitate to swim in order to approach the famous sportsman’s yacht. A scene filmed and shared on social networks by Georgina Rodriguez. And it is clear that the pretty brunette stole the show from her darling. Yes, the young lady was entitled to a little song ! Hopefully Cristiano Ronaldo is not too jealous!

The story does not say if all these beautiful people were invited on the yacht of the footballer! What is certain in any case is that this surprise visit entertained Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream vacation

Very present on social networks, the two lovebirds do not hesitate to reveal the pictures of their dream vacation. Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo takes the opportunity to proudly display himself alongside his little family.

Georgina Rodriguez still so sexy!

Georgina Rodriguez does not hesitate too to raise the temperature. So, when she’s not posing with her sweetheart, she likes to show off in little bikinis. The opportunity to unveil her perfect curves… Enough to turn the heads of his fans.

Georgina Rodriguez, a real mother hen!

But if she likes to play models, what she prefers, above all, is take care of his children. Georgina Rodriguez is a real mother hen. Proud of her family, she multiplies the clichés alongside her children. Photos more adorable than each other. Enough to make Cristiano Ronaldo a fulfilled dad!