when can you see the last supermoon of the year

The supermoon, the phenomenon that allows you to see it brighter and larger than usual. (Photo: George Pachantouris via .)

If this Wednesday night was marked by the bonfires of San Juan, this Thursday, June 24, has another protagonist: the strawberry moon, the last supermoon of the year.

This astronomical phenomenon – named by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 – can be seen when the satellite passes through the closest point of its orbit to Earth, but for this it has to be in the full moon phase, like tonight.

Result: the moon appears much brighter (30%) and larger (14%) than on other days.

Why strawberry moon

However, do not expect to see the moon in another color, even if its tagline tonight is suggestive. The strawberry moon owes its name to the beginning of the season in which strawberries begin to ripen, so the native tribes of American farmers decided to name the phenomenon that way, as NASA reports on its website.

For the same reason, that of the harvests, in some parts of Europe it is also known as the rose moon or hot moon, in the latter case because of the beginning of summer.

When to see her

Starting at eight o’clock in the afternoon, although during the early morning it will reach its maximum splendor, specifically at 01.40 am. It will be when it brightens and when it increases the most (in appearance), according to the data provided by Meteored.

Where to see it

From any part of the world. The ideal is to do it from a dark place, away from all light pollution.

The phenomenon of the supermoon is usually appreciated four times a year, although in 2021 it will only have occurred three times, meteorology experts explain. For the next one, we will have to wait until March.

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