MEXICO – Asked about a possible act of corruption that would impact his government, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador chose this Monday to lash out at the media that revealed a controversial sale and purchase transaction and sang various chants.

Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad (Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity) revealed that the son of the controversial director of the Federal Electricity Commission would have sold at a million dollar price, which surpasses anyone in the market, fans for patients with COVID-19 and that the government assigned him seven contracts without prior tender.

The investigation was published by several Mexican media, but López Obrador attacked a specific newspaper, which he points out as a conservative and as a promoter of a campaign against him and his government, including the czar against the pandemic, Hugo López-Gatell.

“There is already a whole campaign to demean Dr. Hugo López-Gatell. They did not like it, they did not like it either, that we made the decision that the doctor be our spokesperson. They wanted the government to be a mess, a chaos,” he assured. in your daily conference.

The president defended that López-Gatell “thinks well and exposes well”, since he is an expert “of the best in the world” and a “good exhibitor”.

For this reason, López Obrador resorted to chants “from when he was a student” and marched to ask for social justice and intoned, looking at his undersecretary, present at the conference, an animated “You are not alone, you are not alone”.

The actress’s sister, singer Thalía, had also criticized Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Look at the video.

In his attacks on the Mexican media, he recalled another slogan of when his political marches passed in front of the Excelsior newspaper headquarters, and they began to sing “Prensa vendida, Prensa vendida”, as he reproduced on his lectern.

He complemented this chant with the statement that the media wants to “thin the environment” in order to accuse his government of hiding deaths.

“(They wanted) everyone to have an opinion, that they could get interviews and statements from everyone. As in politics, there is always a lot of protagonism, because interviewing some and interviewing others. And in the end, thinning the environment and being able to say ‘these are not the cases they they say, they are not the dead that they report, “he said.

López Obrador ended his trio of songs with a demand for public health and started with the song “That hotel will be a hospital, that hotel will be a hospital”, something that according to him they sang when marching past a luxury hotel.

And he said that now that he governs “this premise is being fulfilled”.

The crematoriums in the Mexican capital are at the limit of their capacity when the country has not yet reached the peak of contagions and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexico records 24,905 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2,271 deaths from the disease.

However, López-Gatell explained on Sunday that the infections, between confirmed and not confirmed, could already be almost 105,000, most of them mild, given the mathematical formula applied by the government in the face of the lack of detection tests, called the sentinel model.