Using fog lights correctly can help you not only drive better on the road, but also save you from some penalties

Few drivers know what is the correct use of rear fog lightsBecause these should be used in very specific conditions in which other drivers can have great difficulty seeing the position of our car.


One of the primary rules is that they be used only under conditions of “extremely poor visibility“, Which means a visibility of less than 25 meters, equivalent to four cars away, and that could be caused by different extreme weather conditions, like a strong storm, a very dense fog, a snowfall, or perhaps a sandstorm.

According to the Diario Motor portal, a good rule of thumb to know if we should really drive with the rear fog lights on is that the use of rear fog lights occurs in exceptional driving circumstances, which will motivate us to considerably reduce our speed. It should be noted that the use of rear fog lights is “active”, that is, we will have to go on and off according to the visibility conditions on the road.

The indicator for the rear fog lamps is normally represented in the instrument cluster with a bright orange symbol.


Fog lights they should not be used at nightThey should not be used when it is raining with moderate intensity, and they should not be used at the first glimpse of fog on the road. Visibility in heavy fog can be very poor, but in light fog you can still have good visibility hundreds of meters away.

The main problem with incorrectly using rear fog lights is that we dazzle other drivers, especially when driving at night. In addition to being annoying, it can be very dangerous in many circumstances.

The incorrect use of the lighting elements of a car can generate a penalty or fine according to the traffic regulations of each country.


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