Wheat price for November 19


Slight movement session for him Wheat, which traded at $ 17,190, a slight 0.15% change with the previous day.

Comparing this data with that of previous days, it turned the tables with respect to that of the previous day, in which it marked a decrease of 0.57%, showing in recent dates an absence of stability in the result. The volatility figure was visibly lower than that accumulated in the last year, so that its price is showing less changes than the general trend recently indicates.

Taking into account the last seven days, the Wheat marks an ascent of 0.53%.

To conclude, this value is close to the figures of October 23, when it reached maximum values ​​of the year with a value of $ 17,500.

International Wheat Values

Evaluating the values ​​of this asset internationally the current value of the Wheat in Chicago it is 534 dollars per ton, according to the latest data dated November 19.

Regarding future values, in the current month their price reaches the $ 217.44 in Chicago and in $ 220.01 in the following month. Similarly, wheat futures in Argentina are at 217.5 pesos this month and in 219.5 looking forward to next month.

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