WhatsApp’s ‘blue popcorn’, a pretext to commit fraud

By Carlos Fernandez de Lara

(CNNMexico) – Do you want the people you talk to on WhatsApp not to receive the alert that you read their messages? So far there is no way to do it, but there is a fraudulent promise circulating on the web to remove these ads.

Fraud groups have taken advantage of this event to send messages to users and obtain private information, according to the security firm ESE.

The messages are spread on social networks with the legend “Enter your phone and deactivate the WhatsApp double check here” or “Learn how to remove the WhatsApp double check. Delete it now from your mobile ”.

These messages contain a link that directs users to a website where they are asked for their cell phone number to receive a download code to disable notifications. By entering the number, the user subscribes to an SMS sending service.

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In this way, fraudsters can charge between 25 to 30 pesos for each message the user receives. “Some of these services send up to 25 messages a month,” the firm details.

“These types of tricks are similar to those we saw a while ago when we analyzed WhatsApp for PC and that they only sought to profit at the expense of users without much knowledge, offering information that can be obtained for free,” the firm recalled.

“Aware of the interest generated by this new feature and, above all, to know the possible ways to deactivate it, in recent days several messages have appeared on social networks that claim to offer this possibility, attaching a link where the instructions are supposed to be found”, posted the signature on his blog.

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