WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users globally

It is followed by FB Messenger, WeChat and QQ so it is necessary for platforms to launch new versions

This change results in that some smartphone models are no longer compatible with the application

It is a fact that consumers and audiences increasingly convert to mobile-first, and that is why various specialists point out that messaging applications are the stage where brands will dispute their, for this reason WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and a long list are constantly looking to improve their platforms.

But, just as the improvements imply technological advancement, resource optimization or programming changes, it certainly also implies that not all devices can be compatible with the new versions of these apps.

The next to stay out

In this regard, that is precisely what happens with WhatsApp, because recently the messenger owned by Facebook released the list of smartphones that will no longer be compatible with the next updates.

In that sense, within the section on FAQs On its blog, the application states that its installation and operation will have an ideal performance on smartphones that have the system Android 4.0.3 or later.

In the same way, it is detailed that in the case of devices Apple iPhone, this applies to phones using an operating system after iOS 9Otherwise the devices may have problems or simply not work.

Therefore, the smartphones that will be left without WhatsApp are the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, in the case of Apple. For Android they are: the HTC Desire, the LG Optimus Black, the Motorola Droid Razr or even the Samsung Galaxy S2 to refer some.

It is important to note that WhatsApp has previously explained that the app will stop working in models of this type « because we are no longer developing functions for these operating systems, some functions could stop working at any time ».

Facts about messaging apps

It is in the public domain that WhatsApp dominates this segment, exceeding 2 billion users globally, according to data released by Facebook.

But behind it are FB Messenger with more than 1.3 billion users; WeChat (1,0203 million) and QQ (694 million). In addition to this within the technology sector, the role of Telegram stands out, which although it barely exceeds 400 million, is positioned as one of the most innovative, in a similar way to Snapchat, according to a report by We Are Social.

Its level of penetration is important, especially considering that, according to dome data, about 18,100,000 messages are sent per minute on this type of platform.

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