WhatsApp will resume its controversial privacy policy

As planned, WhatsApp plans to re-introduce the updated privacy policy which sparked a massive backlash against the Facebook-owned messaging app. And it is that although the company assured that it was a delay of approximately three months, it seems that it has finally decided to accelerate the process.

As the company writes in its latest blog post, all users will be notified of the new privacy policy “In the next weeks”, with “a banner on WhatsApp that will provide more information that people can read at their own pace” in which you will provide more information about the changes that users must accept in order to continue using the application.

“We have also included more information to try to address the concerns that we are hearing. Over time, we will begin to remind people to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp, “with a new deadline set for before next May 15, the day on which the new policy will take effect.

Although in general terms the new privacy policy will be the same as we saw in January, a deployment later postponed amid a growing reaction.

Changes to the new WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp Business Privacy Policy

The company continues to insist that, perhaps due to a bad communication method, the intentions of this new regulation were misunderstood. And is that the new policy is focused on the incorporation of new ways to chat with businesses or shop on WhatsApp, which will always be kept completely optional and controlled by the users.

On the other hand, the personal messages you send will continue to be end-to-end encrypted at all times, so WhatsApp will never be able to read or listen to them.

However, the most curious thing is the fact that the WhatsApp has bragged about its success in a way, almost making fun of how his advantageous position among users allows him to make these kinds of changes without losing users: “Other applications say they are better because they know even less information than WhatsApp […] We believe that people are looking for applications that are reliable and secure, even if that requires WhatsApp to have some limited data«.

And in fact, it is true that there are numerous free alternatives to this messaging application, focused on a greater focus on the privacy of its users, without losing any of the main functionalities compared to the Facebook application.