It seems that WhatsApp will finally add an option for its users to use their account on more than one device. As you may already know, WhatsApp only allows you to open your account from your smartphone, and to use the Web version, your phone must be connected to the internet at the same time. But this could change soon according to recent leaks.

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According to the Twitter account @WABetaInfo, he says that he is dedicated to offering leaks with the new functions that will be implemented in WhatsApp in both its mobile version and the web browser version, the Facebook messaging app. finally testing to link multiple devices to a single account.

Although no details of its operation were revealed, it could replicate the one that the application currently uses to link your account with the web version. This would mean that your main device would have to be active and connected to the internet to use the rest. WhatsApp implements this type of link with the version for mobile browsers for security reasons, since it stores all the main data and files on your smarphone, and by linking it with your browser it remotely accesses them. This mechanism could be more secure than storing your data in the cloud, but it is also very impractical.

Telegram for example stores your messages and information on the internet so that you can access them from any of your synchronized devices, including photos and images, contacts and shared files.

In any case, it was not revealed when this new feature will arrive to the Facebook instant messaging app, but it could be months before it is officially announced. Another option is that a beta will be launched in a few weeks, but while it is confirmed or not, we will continue to pending.