WhatsApp will know what you buy in the app! Find out everything

WhatsApp will know what you buy in the app!  Find out everything (Pixabay)

WhatsApp will know what you buy in the app! Find out everything | Pixabay

INAI asked all users of the application to WhatsApp review in detail the new terms of the privacy policies and the conditions of use, as well as the conditions of use as well as make an informed decision.

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) explained that the new conditions of WhatsApp will allow Facebook to share information with other companies and thus create personalized ads on their platforms.

The guaranteeing body for the protection of personal data warned that, although WhatsApp is notifying that the information it collects will be shared with other companies.

Security measures to protect shared information are not clearly defined, ”he pointed out.

This is how the INAI asked all users of the WhatsApp application to review in detail the new terms of the privacy policy and the conditions of use and make an informed decision, since those who do not accept the new terms and conditions will not be able to continue to use this application and should evaluate the use of other digitally available applications or messaging services.

In addition, the INAI recalled that on January 4, users of WhatsApp about updating the terms of service and the application’s privacy policy.

He also detailed that the deadline for accepting the new terms was established on February 8, 2021.

In this way, the INAI explained that by accepting this new privacy policy, users will allow WhatsApp to share certain data so that technology service providers such as Facebook or third parties can have access to them and even that the contractors of these services can store the same through the services provided.

In fact, this will apply even if the user does not have a Facebook account, since the company and its subsidiaries will be able to collect information on accounts, phone numbers, messages and even transactions.

Given the new conditions of service, the INAI conducted a review of the new privacy policy, of which provisions were warned that users should bear in mind when deciding whether to continue using the WhatsApp application.

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Among those provisions, the INAI also highlighted the following:

In the section called “Information we collect”, it is established that WhatsApp may collect additional information to provide optional functionalities, without specifying what those functions are and what type of data will be required, mentioning that when it is the case, they will inform the user about what data and for what purposes this information will be used.

The “Information you provide us” section describes the data that users must provide to use the application; It is detailed that the user can share information about the telephone numbers of their contacts and, in case of using payment services, purchases or other financial transactions, it is established that WhatsApp will process additional information that includes data on transactions and payment accounts such as the payment method, shipping details and the amount of the transaction.

In the “Information collected automatically” section, it is indicated that data and records will be obtained about the use of the service and the options used such as messaging, calls, statuses, groups, companies or payments and the profile photo.

It also indicates that information about the device and the connection is collected, in addition to collecting and making use of the user’s location information, when making use of options related to that data.

The “Third Party Information” section establishes how to work together with external providers, third party services and other Facebook companies.

Although it is noted that WhatsApp receives and shares information with other companies, the security measures to protect the shared information are not clearly defined.

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