WhatsApp will have a new function in “archived chats”

Are you one of those who has many chats on WhatsApp and you prefer to archive them so as not to lose them? The application will soon have an update regarding this issue and that is that the « archived chats » folder will disappear to make way for one that they will call « read later », which will have almost the same functions.

This is an update that will improve the platform in order to include some changes, something similar to the vacation mode, where you can archive the messages you receive without having to receive notifications, this so that no one bothers you. But when you remove them in this way, they are automatically no longer archived.

WhatsApp will have a new update. Photo: Reform Archived Chats

Now, the folder of « archived chats », which appears at the bottom if you have an Android and at the top if you have an iPhone, will change to one called « read later », which you can enable when it is done the update.

One of the changes that will have is that now this window will appear at the top of the chats and if your conversations are in this section, you will not receive notifications of the messages that arrive.

In this way, if you are in a group, be it work or personal, but you do not want to delete the conversation, you can send it to this section and not receive notifications of the messages that reach you. The same goes for a person’s chats.

But these messages will not be lost, even if the notifications do not reach you, you can enter the folder to read them whenever you want. So this is a good option if you want to stop receiving annoying group notifications.

In the same way, you can remove them from this folder as soon as you want to receive notifications as you would normally. So this could be a good option to not receive notifications without having to delete a chat.

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