WhatsApp will finally enable a rather useful and requested feature

The modification that WhatsApp will propose will help improve the user experience with respect to some types of messages.

WhatsApp will replace Archived Chats with the option to Read Later.

The change implies, according to the WabetaInfo portal, an improved version of Archived Chats. The big difference is that there will be no notifications when new messages arrive in Archived Chats.

You can read them when you want, not when they arrive. It is the key to Read Later.

For WhatsApp, the important thing is that you have the final word on the message, in order to avoid interruptions.

Modifying WhatsApp with Archived Chats

According to WabetaInfo, a persistent prompt will be found at the top of the chat list.

The fact that notifications do not arrive is a double-edged sword, since if it is an urgent message it can only be seen when you want.

However, there will be an option in Settings for messages to appear when they arrive. You just have to activate it.

When will the new version of the feature be available? WabetaInfo indicates that it is in development, and that it will arrive in the future. A specific date is unknown.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging network, with more than 2 billion users in 180 countries. The application is free and is rated « simple, safe and reliable. »