WhatsApp will allow you to remove sound from videos before sending them

Instant messaging has become an extremely lucrative market.

One element that makes brands like WhatsApp so relevant is that they are part of an ecosystem that integrates it with social networks like Facebook.

Communicating through messaging applications becomes essential in the midst of this contingency.

As expected, an element that we cannot lose sight of today is the role played by instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, as a key element in communication with the consumer not only when it comes to brands, but also to the own platforms that manage these apps.

WhatsApp has established a new benchmark in the market, now that it gives you the option to send videos but mute the audio in them, which offers a new option for content distribution within this platform.

The app, according to WABeta Info, allows you to modify the content of a video, with the option to mute the audio, something that platforms like TikTok offer when editing their videos.

Depending on the medium, you have to open WhatsApp and within the conversation where you will send the video, select the scissors icon, to edit where the sound icon will appear, which you have to select to send the video in mute.

Messaging apps, key in the market

Instant messaging is key in today’s market, because it has established a key opportunity to better communicate with digital users.

Digital is today an obligatory medium for brands and demands maximum performance, so it becomes tremendously challenging to have strategies that do not disappoint, on the contrary, help us understand the consumer.

As is to be expected in these efforts, a great help is understanding how

Communicate in contingency

Digital has become the key area to carry out purchases at a time when the health contingency has forced shelter at home, a habit that has awakened all kinds of activities such as online shopping.

Electronic commerce has forced communication through social networks, promoting digital branding and the ability that this discipline achieves to make a brand efficient in sales within channels such as social networks.

Brands turning to networks

Social networks have become mandatory channels for brands, because through these platforms they manage to identify guidelines that are not wasted, on the contrary, they have become elements of great help to understand the current market.

As expected in these efforts, the ability of brands to innovate has increased more and more, especially due to the ability of brands to be able to integrate and respond to the consumer, who demands more and more new digital activities to help you make purchasing decisions.

Interact with the consumer

Interaction with the consumer through social networks has become key in the current contingency, considering the value that brands have today more than ever through matters such as digital branding, which has become a matter that has no waste and that on the contrary, it functions as a key area to develop strategies that increasingly think about the consumer and their role within the market, where tremendous guidelines have been established to achieve effective communication.

That said, one aspect that we cannot lose sight of is how brands have been able to increasingly integrate social networks into their strategy and, more importantly, how they manage to interact with consumption.

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