WhatsApp will allow to pass the chat history between iOS and Android

Despite the concerns raised with its new privacy policy, nothing seems to be able to prevent WhatsApp from remaining the undisputed leader when it comes to instant messaging. And it is that despite the bad reputation of its parent company, it is worth mentioning that WhatsApp currently has a great system to maintain our privacy, thanks to your end-to-end or E2EE encryption, and your privacy protections.

A privacy that comes true in part thanks to the fact that store encrypted chats directly on our device instead of in the cloud, helping to keep it away from prying eyes. Although unfortunately this method also has its disadvantages, since the direct transfer from one compatible platform to another, such as the simple change from an Android phone to iOS, is not exactly easy. WhatsApp has cloud backups for that purpose, but it doesn’t always work perfectly; as well as third-party solutions that WhatsApp discourages, due to their privacy and security risks.

However, after expanding the capabilities of its application for web browsers, it seems that the great commitment to multi-device support on which the Facebook application has been focusing will soon take a new step forward. And it is that as they have shared from WABetaInfo, it seems that WhatsApp is already working on an official way to carry out these migrations in a safe way.

This migration of chat history goes in line with WhatsApp’s efforts to cover as many devices and platforms as possible. Like many of its kind, the courier began c

Unfortunately, as is customary with the leaks of these functionalities in the WhatsApp developer betas, for the moment no date is known for the arrival of this new feature, which could arrive within the next few weeks or months.