WhatsApp Web, how to record audios and send them from your PC

If you like to use the version of WhatsApp in its web version to solve personal or work matters, we will tell you how you can send audios from a computer and send them to your contacts, so that in this way you can make your chats more agile.

The first step to achieve this is to open the version of this messaging application on your computer, to log in you must scan the QR code that appears on the screen, in order to link the phone with the computer, it is important that you make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp Web.

We tell you yes and what you cannot do on WhatsApp Web. Photo: Reformation Steps to follow After logging into the desktop version, the next step is to choose the chat of the person you want to send the audio to. At the bottom appears the microphone icon, you just have to click to start recording your message. It is important that you have the function enabled so that WhatsApp web can access your microphone and in this way record, otherwise you will not be able to do so.

To make it easier for you to identify what can be done on WhatsApp and what cannot on WhatsApp Web, we leave you a table with the functions:

Function Whatsapp WhatsApp Web Send messages Yes Yes Send photos Yes Yes Add filters to photos Yes No Add comments to photos Yes Yes Send multiple photos at once Yes Yes Send photos with camera Yes Yes Send videos Yes Yes Share documents Yes Yes Share contacts Yes Yes Share location Yes No Share audio Yes Yes Send emojis Yes Yes Send Gifs Yes Yes Send stickers Yes Yes Send voice messages Yes Yes Voice calls Yes No Video calls Yes No View statuses Yes Yes Create statuses Yes No Search conversations and contacts Yes Yes Search within a conversation Yes Yes Edit your profile Yes Yes Empty conversation Yes Yes Set conversation Yes Yes Archive conversations Yes Yes Mute conversation Yes Yes Mark as unread Yes Yes Set privacy Yes No Set security Yes No Set number change Yes No Set notifications Yes Yes Set wallpaper Yes Yes Set blocked Yes Yes Set automatic download Yes No Check data usage Yes No Add contacts Yes No Create group Yes Yes Create broadcast Yes No

As you can see, WhatsApp Web allows you to do many functions that if you used the application in the mobile version, so this could greatly facilitate the use for the different activities you carry out.

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