WhatsApp web, close your session without being on the computer

The WhatsApp application, which allows you to synchronize your phone to a computer in its web version, has made life easier for many people. This is one of the main communication platforms, whether for personal or work things, almost everyone uses it today.

And you can not only reply to a message, the application also allows you to send files in various formats such as word, PDF, jpg, among many others. Which for many people means being able to do their work faster and more efficiently without having to have the phone in hand all the time.

We tell you how to close your session on WhatsApp Web. Photo: Reforma

But using the web version has some disadvantages, one of them is forgetting to log out and have other people use the same computer. If you are in this situation, we will tell you how to close it to prevent someone from seeing your messages.

The first thing you should do is open WhatsApp on your phone. In the upper right there are three points, click on them. Select the WhatsApp Web option. Click on the option that says close all sessions. Ready, in this way you will have closed the session on all the computers where you have forgotten to do so.

This same procedure can be applied for both Android and iPhone, you should take into account that if when you open the section that says WhatsApp Web asks you to scan the QR code, it means that you do not have your session open on any computer and you can rest easy for someone to see your messages.

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