WhatsApp trick to know who reads your messages

WhatsApp trick to know who reads your messages | Instagram

On this occasion we will give you an incredible WhatsApp trick to know who reads your messages even if they do not have the blue check mark activated, so if you are one of those curious, continue reading, it will surely interest you.

If you want to know if that person, who has the blue popcorn read confirmation on WhatsApp, you find yourself reading our messages, below a series of tricks to find out.

There are actually 2 tricks that take advantage of WhatsApp’s design flaws that allow you to see if the person with the blue check mark disabled is reading your messages.

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Voice notes

To begin, for individual conversations, it is to send a voice note to the person with whom you are speaking.

Even though I have the confirmation Reading deactivated, with voice notes the reading deactivation is not applied, therefore, if the person listens to your voice note, that check mark will appear.

Most likely, if that person normally reads your messages, they will also hear your voice memo, and the confirmation of “listened” will appear.

The shorter the voice memo, the more likely they will hear it, no one likes to find audios longer than a minute.

However, if you are the one who does not want them to know that you have heard it, there is also a trick for it and you will have to resend the voice note to your conversation and listen to it from there.

Read confirmation

While the second trick is for WhatsApp groups, it is even simpler, since the read confirmation deactivation does not apply, it will always appear who has read your messages, and who has not.

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It’s as easy as holding down your finger on the message you want to check, and in the “info” section all the information about who has received it and who has read it will appear.

On the other hand, those users who do not accept the update of the WhatsApp terms and conditions for next May 15 will not lose their account, however, the messaging application will remind users that they must review and accept the changes.

And if the user receives a persistent reminder after several days, they will have limited access to WhatsApp functions until they accept the updates.

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This will not happen to all users at the same time, ”the app details.

Everything seems to indicate that users will not be able to access the chat list, however, they will be able to answer calls and video calls.

If they have notifications activated, they can touch them to read or reply to messages, as well as to return missed calls or video calls, details WhatsApp.

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After a few weeks of limited functionality, you will not be able to receive calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone, ”the application emphasizes.

Notably, users can export their chat history on Android or iPhone, as well as download a report from their account, as well as export the chats and download an account report.

However, it is worth mentioning that they recently announced that the new conditions are not transparent, so they will not be able to apply them in Germany.

The German regulator has pointed out that Facebook’s attempt to make WhatsApp users agree to data collection practices under an updated privacy policy is not legal.

And it is that according to local media, the head of the Hamburg privacy authority, Johannes Casper, said that the updated terms are too broad, inconsistent and not transparent.

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