WhatsApp trick to know if your chats are private

WhatsApp trick to know if your chats are private | Instagram

This time we will introduce you to a simple trick of WhatsApp to know if your WhatsApp conversations are really private, so keep reading so that you find out everything and step by step.

If you have ever wondered if individual or group conversations are really private, in this note you will find out if what WhatsApp says is true.

As you may remember, a few months ago the WhatsApp application put its new terms and conditions into effect, and although it did not force anyone to accept them, they said that if over time they did not do it, some things would stop working.

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For example: not being able to send messages, not receiving calls and video calls and when they felt that a large part of the users migrated to other platforms, the application belonging to Facebook gave up what it had announced.

Now, WhatsApp has been reinforcing its privacy system and in this note we will teach you step by step a simple trick so that you know if a conversation is 100% private.

More than five years ago, WhatsApp implemented end-to-end encryption in conversations, where only you and the other person or group with whom you talk can see, read or listen to everything that is sent, be it photos, videos , audios, documents, etc.

The conversations of the aforementioned instant messaging application can only be seen by users who participate in a certain chat, not even WhatsApp can access them.

All this is carried out automatically, without the need to activate any special configuration to protect your messages, “said the application through its help center.


First, you must make sure that WhatsApp does not have any pending update from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store Now, open the application and enter any conversation, be it a group or individual chat. Here you have to click on the name of the contact or user that is at the top of the conversation.

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Your contact’s profile will open and various options will appear. Then, look for the Encryption section that appears with the icon of a padlock, you can also verify the following notice: “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. Touch to verify ”. When entering Encryption, a QR code with 60 unique digits will appear for each chat, it means that you and another contact with whom you talk will have the same numbers. The members of a group will also have the same digits. You can scan the QR code to verify that the digits are the same, however, if someone accesses this code it does not mean that they can see your conversations, since this is not a key itself. In short, your conversations will be secret.

And that’s it, so do not hesitate to carry out this trick to verify if your conversations are really private.

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