WhatsApp trick to hide your profile picture from a single person

WhatsApp trick to hide your profile picture from a single person (pixabay)

WhatsApp trick to hide your profile picture from a single person | pixabay

With this new trick from WhatsApp You will be able to hide your profile picture and application statuses from a single person or several without having to delete them from your contact list as you usually should, however, thanks to technology, today it is much easier.

Over the years we have been able to realize that WhatsApp is not only used for personal things, since it is also a basic tool at school or at work and since your agenda is the same, since there is already a way to hide certain information that you upload from a single person or several.

That is, if you do not want your school or work colleagues to see your profile picture, your information or your statuses, because they are very personal, currently there is already a way to restrict it without you having to to block these to anyone.

So today it is much simpler than before, because you will not have to burn with information that will not leave you well standing in front of your office colleagues, neighbors, the plumber, the gas man or your partner’s family and that is why so you must follow these steps.

Steps to hide your information from you WhatsApp to a contact:

To begin, the first thing you have to do is go to the Settings menu in your WhatsApp, then to Account and finally to the Privacy section, and in this way you will have to select that the profile photograph is seen by “my contacts”. The next step is to go to your contact book and find the person you want to hide your photo from, then you are going to click on the edit option and you must add the code # 31 # before the phone number and finally save it.

Maybe you wonder what happens with this code, because when you put that code, what does it do? WhatsApp is to delete that person from your contacts, although they are still on your agenda so you can keep their number.

Now, if what you want is also to hide your status, then you must go once again to WhatsApp Settings, then to Account and finally to the section of Privacy and select that they can see your states “my contacts, except”, is the second option.

Once you press that option, you are going to select the contacts that you do not want to see your statuses, they can be one or more. You save it and voila, that contact will no longer be able to see your statuses even if you have it added and it is part of your contacts.

Easy right? This is how simple these tricks are to hide your information from the WhatsApp messaging application from certain annoying people or those who do not have the confidence to see your personal things.

On the other hand, it was recently announced that the application of WhatsApp for Android already allows you to put different wallpapers for each conversation.

That’s right, something that people who use this application love, because more customization options have come to WhatsApp and now it is such a small aspect, but certainly important, as is the possibility of putting different wallpapers for each one of your chats.

It is worth mentioning that the beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android already allow more customization options with different backgrounds for each conversation, since they are always the first to test whether a new function would be good or if it is effective.

However, this same option for greater customization will soon come to WhatsApp Web, but they do not mention an official arrival date for all users, neither for Android or iOS operating systems, beyond those with the beta version of the messenger.

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