WhatsApp trick to find unknown files on your mobile

WhatsApp trick to find unknown files on your mobile | Pixabay

Today we will introduce you to a trick of WhatsApp so that you can find the files that you did not know were on your mobile, so keep reading, as we will show you step by step so you do not make mistakes.

The photos and videos stored in your mobile gallery are not the only ones, WhatsApp has stored multimedia files for a long time that you did not know still existed on your cell phone.

WhatsApp is a app where every day we receive or send many multimedia files such as: photos, videos, gifs, audios, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc.

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And although many of these are not stored in the gallery of our mobile device, we can find them in the application’s file manager.

It is for that reason that in this note we will teach you the steps to follow to manage all the data that has been sent to you through WhatsApp.

It should be noted that this procedure can be done with the file explorer that is pre-installed on our Android mobile.

However, we can also download one from the Google Play Store, so you can choose either of these two options.

From the file manager we can manage everything that has been sent to us through WhatsApp, including photos and videos that do not appear in the gallery of our Android.

We can also consult the internal storage of our cell phone and thus you will see all the multimedia files that you did not know were still stored on your mobile device.

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STEPS TO GET TO THE WHATSAPP FILES EXPLORER To start you must go to “My Files” from your Android. Then click on the “Internal Storage” tab. Go to the folder “Android” and then to “Media”. Here you have to click “com.WhatsApp” and now on “WhatsApp”. In this part 3 folders will appear, which are: “Backups”, “Databases” and “Media”.

Later in “Backups” we will find all the backup copies of WhatsApp that we have made, even the date and time of the last copy will appear.

It is important to note that it is advisable not to take any action here so as not to risk losing data.

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The folder that interests us is that of “Media”, where all the multimedia files that the application has been storing over time are located.

Here we can find folders where gifs, audios, voice notes, documents, images, videos and stickers were saved.

And voila, now it is only up to us to enter any of these folders to manage a file and move it, copy it, share it and delete it.

If the internal memory of your mobile device is saturated, it would be advisable to delete files that you consider not important such as: screenshots, documents or gifs.

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