WhatsApp trick to be able to change the logo in rainbow

WhatsApp trick to be able to change the logo in rainbow | Pixabay

If you want to have the rainbow logo of WhatsApp we will let you know an incredible trick to be able to obtain it step by step, so if you still don’t know how to do it and want to celebrate pride month, continue reading this note.

The famous app WhatsApp continues to be one of the most downloaded of the year in most of the world.

And it is that its platform, which is used by adults and children, offers a series of functions that other applications of the same objective do not have.

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A fairly clear example, which is also recent, is that it is already possible to speed up audio messages by 2x, 1.5x and up to 1x.

In addition, as if that were not enough, WhatsApp today has a new tool: it is the possibility of deleting messages that are not read by your contacts.

If more than 7 days pass, they automatically self-destruct or disappear from the conversation, without leaving any trace.

And although at the moment the application is working on other aspects, there is a trick that allows you to modify the color of the logo.

Taking advantage of the month of LGTBI pride, here in Show News we will give you a new tutorial so that you can radically change the screen of your mobile device.

These are the steps to obtain the WhatsApp logo in rainbow or rainbow and although you will have to download a complementary application, it will not interfere in your conversations, much less will it obtain your data and private information.

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It should be noted that this trick is extremely easy and for this you must first update the application.

You should also consider that, at the moment, it can only be carried out on Android operating systems, so if you have an iPhone you may not be able to do it:

To begin you must download from Google Play Nova Launcher. Once you have given it the look you want, now download the WhatsApp logo in rainbow by Gay Pride using this link. When you have it, now click on the WhatsApp application for a few seconds. A floating window will appear in which you must select Edit. Now simply click on the logo and look for the icon that you have downloaded. To finish, click on accept and you will get WhatsApp ready for Gay Pride in various shades.

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On the other hand, the photos and videos stored in your mobile gallery are not the only ones, since WhatsApp has stored multimedia files for a long time that you did not know still existed on your cell phone.

And in fact this procedure can be done with the file explorer that comes pre-installed on our Android mobile, however, we can also download one from the Google Play Store.

And it is that from the file manager we can manage everything that has been sent to us through WhatsApp, including photos and videos that do not appear in the gallery of our Android.

We can also consult the internal storage of our cell phone, in short, you will see all the multimedia files that you did not know were still stored on your mobile device.

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