WhatsApp officially announces the personalization of chats

New chat backgrounds, more customization and better search for stickers: all the news coming to WhatsApp.

Last updated on 12/01/2020 at

Although for some time it is possible put a different background to each WhatsApp chat, It was not until today when the company officially announced the arrival of this new function to the app, accompanied by a collection of new funds with which to personalize our conversations.

As we already knew, WhatsApp now allows choose a different chat background for each in-app conversation, thus expanding the number of customization options within the app. This function is available both in groups as in individual chats.

WhatsApp includes a new collection of backgrounds for your chats

WhatsApp already allows you to customize your chats with new funds.

In addition to the new feature, WhatsApp has also included a new collection of backgrounds of different themes, including nature and architecture, which combine perfectly with the light and dark themes of the application. In that sense, the app will allow set a different background depending on the theme being used.

On the other hand, the application has also facilitated the work when it comes to finding stickers on WhatsApp.

Now, a search engine that allows searches through text or emojis, as well as browsing the library of stickers through different categories that facilitate the search.

All the news are present in the latest version of WhatsApp available for download, although the company specifies that some users may have to wait a few days to enjoy the news. In any case, they should reach everyone before the end of this week.