WhatsApp, now you can use a different background in each chat

The messaging company WhatsApp will have a new update in the beta version for Android. Now you can customize each chat with a different background, plus the application will add more wallpapers.

Another update is that it will have new emojis such as a ninja, realistic heart, boomerang, among others. It is important to mention that all these updates can be found in the Beta version for Android.

WhatsApp will have an update. Photo: Pixabay Chat backgrounds

This function is now available for people with WhatsApp version or higher, who can customize the wallpapers in each conversation.

The way in which you can change the wallpapers is the same, you must access the menu in the upper right and look for the Wallpaper option, there will appear 4 categories: light, dark, solid colors or your Photos.

WhatsApp Beta will include 31 light backgrounds, 29 dark backgrounds and 27 solid colors, which may or may not include the characteristic WhatsApp pattern on top. When choosing one, the application will ask you if you want to use that background for all the chats or only for one, so you can customize each one with a different wallpaper.

New emojis

Similarly, the latest version of WhatsApp will have new emojis from version 13.0 of Unicode. It is about 113 new ones, among which are a ninja, a human heart, a smiling face with a tear, a beaver, a polar bear, among others.

These are part of the new updates that the messaging platform will have for its users, if you do not have it, you can check if you already have the new version available and install it on your cell phone.

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