From this Thursday already available in Spain and the rest of the world one of all news announced for WhatsApp for months. We talk about the long-awaited by users night mode, which will help many to continue chatting with their contacts in nocturnal or low light conditions, thus avoiding continuous exposure to the blue and white light on the screen.

The version of WhatsApp that allows these news is the 2.20.13 and it will be available soon for both Apple (iPhone) and Android terminals on Google Play. Users who are part of the beta program (tests) of WhatsApp will be able to activate the dark mode. The rest will have to wait until it has passed the supervision, since the available one is 2.20.11.

To enjoy the night mode you have to download the beta version of Whatsapp in a file APK, in repositories like this one from APK Mirror. Once downloaded, you have to enter “Settings”, then “Chats”, and before the new options that appear, enter “Theme” and activate “night mode”. There is an option that is “System default”, which will allow adapting to the night mode that is also activated at that time on the mobile.

– All the news that the new WhatsApp will bring:

Fingerprint lock

There is also a lot of concern about security and privacy, so this extra measure is going to be offered in which, in addition to the mobile already having some security pattern or fingerprint unlocking, it will also be optional to block the use of chat WhatsApp. Specifically, the fingerprint will serve to verify our identity and that no one who has picked up your phone can impersonate you in the conversation or read other talks without permission.

‘Park’ annoying groups

Although the management of group conversations has been gradually improved, as with the option to silence them, there is still progress to be made. For example, many users continue in groups that do not follow due to lack of interest or continue in them due to work or social obligation, to look good. However, even though group chat is muted, it is annoying to have to see all notifications of new messages. Now they can go into a state of semi-death consisting of being able to archive them and at the same time ignore them. Thus, they will never return to the main screen, with the general list of active talks. It will be equivalent to a ‘Vacation Mode’, so that you can disconnect from that group without being disturbed.

Animated stickers

In addition, aesthetics are now paramount for many users. For this reason, although months ago it included the possibility of integrating stickers in chats, now they can be animated, joining other graphic elements such as emoticons and animated GIFs.

Add contacts with QR

Another common annoyance is having to go to the phonebook, add the number and name of the person you want to add to start chatting with them. Now this process is simplified so that WhatsApp will integrate a reading of QR codes and thus add directly to the other user.

Facebook connection

As is known, Facebook owns both Instagram and Whatsapp, and the integration of these 3 applications is increasingly sought. It remained to be able to synchronize the WhatsApp states with the Instagram stories and the Facebook stories, which in essence with the same. Now, with the new update, they can be synchronized, so that updating your status in one of the 3 apps, it can be published simultaneously in all if it is your will.

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