WhatsApp is working on messages that self-destruct after 24 hours | Technology

WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence, the millions of users who use it overwhelm it and probably all of them will enjoy a new functionality shortly.

The main use of a messaging application is to send and receive messages, but that does not mean that its functionalities have to be basic. WhatsApp is always on the run with Telegram and normally this second app is the pioneer in implementing features.

In the past we saw how temporary messages arrived, a type of message that after a predetermined period of time was automatically deleted. While in Telegram this feature has been customizable for a long time, messages are deleted after 24 hours or after 7 days; in WhatsApp the situation is different.

It seems that WhatsApp has had enough of this difference and would be developing its own version of this feature. In recent leaks it has been seen that the Facebook messaging application would have a new option for temporary messages, this new option would add the ability for messages to be deleted after 24 hours.

It may seem that the need for temporary messages is something of a niche, but this is far from the truth. At present, photographs of documents of some importance are sent or private data is shared by this application. Both temporary messages and the ability to delete a message are two options that help maintain some control over what is shared.

Hopefully this feature will not take long to reach the stable WhatsApp application and that it is one of all the functions that they must adopt from Telegram. If we do memory in Telegram we find: private chats in which absolutely nothing can be captured, temporary images with customizable durations and the temporary messages already commented.

At the moment the leaks suggest that development of this feature is focusing on iOS, so it will likely hit iPhones first and then to the Android terminals.